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Something For The “Playlisters”

Music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Joox, Soundcloud and many others have made it easy to create a playlist and share it with the masses. You should already know creating a playlist is no childs play, you literally have to create a mood, make sure it doesn’t get stale, try not have songs from the same artist, have a build-up and basically while you’re at it introduce some of the artists you want people to check out.

Just a side note: Shoutout to the Deejays that share their playlist after rocking a dope set.

Anyway, we didn’t create a playlist 🀭 we’re just saying if you ever want to create a playlist or recommend something different and soulful, you should definitely give these guys a listen.

Get your headphones/speakers ready and enjoy beautiful sounds.


We greatly appreciate this brother, his vocals and his simple lyrics make it easy to sing along. For the longest time, we played his music religiously with no idea of what he looks like or where to find him on the socials (well, luckily Boblee had no problem with linking us up with the brother) almost felt like we’re listening to a Ghost.

One thing you’ll love about Yellw, it’s the rawness of his music which almost gives you an idea of what to expect should he host an intimate live performance. Another plus is that after reading and listening to the few tracks he already has out, you can look forward to his new EP (Wishful Thinking) set to drop on the 13th of November.

Yellw – Hello


As soon as you press play, you’ll have to acknowledge her awesome voice but it’s what she does with it that has kept us supporting her music. You hear it right? No? Press play while reading so you understand what we’re talking about. In all honestly we’re yet to hear someone harmonise so beautifully and over the years it’s gotten better. Well, there’s Destiny’s Child (there’s three of them), Mariah Carey with her hidden harmonies and maybe somewhere out there, there’s a vocalists just as good but we’ve chosen our fighter πŸ™„.

Her music is worth having on your playlist and her catalogue is pretty impressive.

LET – Steep


Harry Charles

Definitely worth checking out! Well, he only has a few singles out on some streaming platforms 😩 but his voice is one that you can listen to all day everyday. He’s certainly been starving us for a while but it’s worth noting that you can always check his instagram page for covers he’s done.

We know 2020 has somewhat been a challenging year but we hope Harry Charles “From Bolton” makes a comeback and serves us some tunes.

Ella Knight

Still relatively new but not that not new. Well, she released her debut single in 2019 but had been active for some time and that’s our history with talented Ella Knight. Honestly, we can’t remember when we started listenimg to her, what matters is that we’ve seen her grow (not only taller but musically too) over the years and it’s been beautiful to watch. Her ability to play around with different sounds will definitely be something that sets her apart.

You got a House music beat and need a vocalist to complete it? Call Ella Knight. Got a Neo-Soul beat and need a vocalist? Call Ella Knight. We honestly think she could excel in just about every genre, anyway check her out and her music. When you start enjoying her music, hit her up on the socials and nag her for a full project.

Luckily before publishing this post, she released something new:

Ella Knight – Q&A

Chantel Sishi

Basically listening to her covers has brought us here and it’s always great to see artists bet on themselves and actually record their own music. You can hear the passion in her voice, hunger, control and the determination to contribute to the Soth African music scene.

Besides hearing her beautiful voice, we look forward to hearing how she grows as an artist and her writing style. Jump on this wagon before it gets full and you start hating on her because everyone listens to her music.

Chantel Sishi feat. P Scyn – Affliction

And that ladies and gentlemen is our pick of the month. Press play and recommend the music to as many people as you can, there’s no point in keeping good music to yourself. Press the share button on all socials and most importantly stream/download the music ✌🏽.


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