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Jazz + January = Jazzuary simple equation right?!

Here’s what we’re not gonna do:

We’re not gonna talk about the history of Jazz or where it began. The country of origin, the century of origin and we’re definitely not discussing where its roots lie.

We won’t talk about it’s characteristics, complex chords, vocals or its traditions.

We definitely won’t talk about how some of the OGs don’t rate Kenny G as a jazz artist but a pop star.

Or how the song “Take Five” turned the world of Jazz upside down after its release.

We’ll choose to start here:

Rest in peace to the legedary composer-trombonist, Jonas Mosa Gwangwa (19 October 1937 – 23 January 2021).

Jonas Gwangwa, February 2019 (Gallo Images / Oupa Bopape)

We all know 2020 has been somewhat of a dismal year, so trust us to celebrate musicians who still released music and made it a bearable year.

2021 allows us to start afresh, plan out the year, set some goals and catch up on music one might’ve missed.

We always recommend that you have your headphones/speakers on while you read our post, it just makes sense and you actually get to hear what we’re talking about in realtime.

Vanessa Perica Orchestra (AUS)

“Love is a Temporary Madness | Vanessa Perica Orchestra”

Award winning composer and award-winning album. People can obviously stop saying she’s on the rise or that she’s Jazz best kept secret because she’s definitely been winning and you should note ‘Love Is A Temporary Madness’ is only her debut album. We can comfortably expect greatness from here onwards.

Perth-born Vanessa Perica sure as hell knows how to serve up that Big Band sound with her compositions, arrangements and being a badass conductor. Released in February of 2020, the seven track album ‘Love is a Temporary Madness’ features an all-star lineup and from the very first song ‘Spaccanapoli’ you get to understand why this thrilling album has achieved all the accolades thus far.

Vanessa Perica Orchestra – Love Is A Temporary Madness

The SN Project (SA)

Johannesburg-born Siphephelo Ndlovu (The SN Project) serves a beautiful piece of art with his eight track album ‘Afrikanization’. Released in June of 2020 the eight track album features Mihi Matshingana and keorapetse Kolwane. He’s fulfilled his dream of becoming a musician and this is one project he can certainly be proud of.

The album is smooth with every instrument playing it’s part to carry the album from the delicate touch of the keys, to the drums, an appreciation for the horns, the guidance of the bass and of course the vocals to top it all off.

The album doesn’t stray away from its title ‘Afrikanization’, which can be picked up throughout the album with influences of the ever present sound of Jazz, Afro-Soul, Gospel and uMbaqanga.

We can’t wait to hear more from The SN Project.

The SN Project – Afrikanization

Kate Hamann (US)

Debut EP by Kate Hamann titled “When I Grow Up”, the four track EP was released in December of 2020 alongside:
David Mason – Alto Saxophone
Dylan McHann – Tenor Saxophone-
Angel Perez – Piano
Jesse Katz – Bass Chris Seagraves – Bass
Josh Platt – Drums

Kate Hamann not only handles the Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vocals on the EP, but all compositions, arrangements, and lyrics are handled by her.

The EP is centered around her childhood, relationships, self-discovery, and new beginnings. She definitely created beautiful soundtracks to her life from the very first note.

Be ready to embrace change when listening to this EP, as stated by Kate “we are constantly evolving and growing, no matter how old or experienced”.

Kate Hamann – When I Grow Up

We hope you enjoyed our first post for the year, it was long over due. We’d like to also welcome some of our new followers, hoping we’d plug you to some good music. Feel free to hit us up should you wish for us to hear something new.

A huge shout out to the artists for the music, the listeners, the guys behind the scenes and to a beautiful musical year. Update your playlist!!!


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