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Marching Through The New Normal With Music.

We must admit March came with it’s own challengers and surprises but through it all we hope everyone is safe and blessed with good health.

With the promise of a vaccine you’ll realise how quickly we’ve moved in dealing with this pandemic. After a horrible 2020 we’ve made certain adjustments to our lives that have moved the human race forward and hopefully we get everything right, and move beyond this.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”


We all know music has that effect, where everything just seems okay after a particular song or finding the right song that just speaks to you or how you feel. Well, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite albums that should help you March through the year with ease and maybe help you connect better with the universe.

Your ready? Got your headphones on? Speakers ready? Aux Cable? Bluetooth on? Okay let’s go.


Cape Town is buzzing with good music and artists creating a blueprint that belongs solely to them. Over the years the sound has grown and has birthed a new wave of potential superstars.

Album: Hersh – No Love Lost

Hersh Snyders, that’s the name. Words alone can’t explain his artistry but flip it’s a joy listening to him. It’s the wordplay, beat selection and the play with sounds. One may think he’s just a Hip-Hop artist but we believe (so should you) he could easily drop a pop/rock song and that sh*t would slap. #PressPlay

Acoustic Circuitry

That’s that smooth, vanilla, grab a cup coffee, get stuck in an elevator, eat something healthy kind of music. It’s got just about everything that says I’ve made it, I’m standing on a balcony in a penthouse, I’m driving to the beach on a Monday morning in a 1964 Porsche 911 to have asparagus.

Acoustic Circuitry – Pneuma A-side

This beautiful sound is delivered by Acoustic Circuitry, a collective we discovered on SoundCloud a while back. Put together by Jon-Paul Raymond (keyboardist / producer / engineer) with compositions and performances by Enrico Mangherini (bass) and Ronald Brian Clay (guitar) it’s easy to tell why they’ve become one of our favourite collectives.

Delivering a mix of styles, drawing inspiration from the sounds of Jazz, Fusion, Hip Hop and Latin music you’ll understand why we’re wyling over their sound.

Fun fact: We got to listen to the B-Side first and it just never made sense why there would be B-Side and not an A-Side. So, while searching for the story behind the B-Side, we soon discovered the A-Side and here we are now.

Also do check out their latest three track EP “Aura” released in February 2021.

Acoustic Circuitry – Pneuma B-Side

Jordan Arts

“Combining live instruments with electronic music.”

That alone should tell you about this magical ride we’re about to take you on. Before we do that, get your dancing shoes on and #PressPlay. Jordan Arts is a Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer / Songwriter / Producer and believe us when we tell you he’s really something special. His sound is just mint, full, captivating and definitely worth sharing with everyone you may come across.

Jordan Arts – Something New

You need to scroll up and read the opening line again and again, so you don’t forget that you’re listening to a live concert as you dance away all the troubles of this world. While we’re all still stuck indoors, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself a glass of your favourite drink, turn up the volume, let loose, breath and party the night away with the sounds of Jordan Arts. We’ve also plugged you with his latest four track EP Destiny which he released in March of 2021.

Jordan Arts – Destiny

And that’s how we end of this month’s issue, we’d like to add a whole lot more but honestly we’d rather have you coming back for more. Don’t forget to hit us up and let’s know which track or album made it to your playlist, and also feel free to share with us some of the sounds you’d think we enjoy.


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