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Three Gems For The Weekend (#TGFTW)

Can you believe we’re already half way through 2021?!

Right now we’re just grateful that we have music to see us through the good times, the boring times, the scary times and the bad times.

It’s officially the first weekend of the month and for the next few days you’ll be required to practice self care. One thing you need not worry about is a playlist, we got that sorted with “Three Gems” that should definitely be on high rotation and worth sharing with everyone. If you’re new to the page, welcome! Grab a glass of a hot or cold beverage and let us introduce you to three artists that are making waves in the music scene and should definitely be on your playlist.

As you steadily get used to the new normal, you’ll need new lyrics to learn, new bangers for your drives, new music for date nights, game nights and and and… So, get your headphones/speakers ready and let’s get this party started.


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“Dreamy, synth-driven melodies, cinematic progressions, powerful pop vocals and punchy beats – this is the sonic palate of alt-pop duo EMERGER.” Officially writing material in 2017 for the their eight track mini-album “Bloom”, the duo has spent years with each other and that can be picked up throughout their music. Having met in high school and studying music together, Emma de Goede (vocals/piano) graduated with a BMus in Jazz Performance, while Gerry Matthee (producer/multi-instrumentalist) completed his BMus in Classical Composition at the University of Cape Town; the duo has managed to incorporate what they’ve learned and experienced into their music.

With Gerry’s contribuition described as “Interwoven with a colourful tapestry of orchestration, his production on the tracks complement the message they want to convey” and Emma’s as “powerful vocal delivery and enchanting tone carries the emotional gravity of their lyrics” it’s easy to appreciate the growth they’ve made musically and trust us when we tell you there’s so much to look forward to.

Having already released their first single of 2021 “Round We Go” in February, a music video and a remix to the song it would be a mistake not to follow “EMERGER” on their musical journey.

“If you would like to support Emma & Gerry, please consider donating at Alternatively, you can support EMERGER by purchasing their music (including bonus material) in full quality at


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Formed in 2017 during a recording session at a music festival in Austin (Texas) is YOUNGTONES, a Soul soaked retro-pop “duo” (Producer Matt Young & Luke Wade) and not so much a duo because “YOUNGTONES is Luke Wade”. We’ll keep an eye out and try figure it all out but in the mean time let’s enjoy their music.

We recently came across their music and love everything about their sound. If there was ever a time to prove the theory “Opposites Attract” now would be the right time; with both musicians shifting from their usual sound like Matt’s “typical pop centric productions” and Luke’s more “singer/songwriter influenced releases”, the duo has managed to carve a sound that pulls inspiration from the sixties-seventies Soul/RnB as well as the “sights and sounds of their east and west coast cities”.

Since releasing “The Sun” as their first single and follwed it up with “Losers”, YOUNGTONES have taken it upon themselves to release a song every month for the foreseeable future.

Look out for the next release titled “Know Better”, which officially drops on the 17th of June.

Amy Dabbs

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If you ever needed a reason to get your dancing shoes on, now would be it. Why? Well, we have a Berlin based Producer / DJ by the name of, Amy Dabbs. Sometimes it’s just surprising to think that there’s actually someone out there that doesn’t know this talented producer. We’re not here to judge but to actually plug you to some good music, right? Right!

When you do what you love it’s easy to describe your music as “a velvety smooth blend of genres making her sets and compositions more interesting and diverse”, like nothing we came up with could ever top that. You can expect music that “makes you dance and elicit an emotional response” and that’s all thanks to her childhood where she grew up listening to a lot of Motown.

Following her EP “Girl Like Me” which she released in 2020 she’s made a comeback with her second EP “Allure”. It’s unbelievably crazy how both EPs are different with “Girl Like Me” sounding soulful and appealing more to the deep house heads. With “Allure” it’s a whole different story, she explores the drum & bass scene and tops it off with a Yazzus remix.

And that is how we wrap it up, give the music a listen, share, replay and feel free to let us what you think of our “Three Gems”. Support the artists! Buy their merch! Follow them on the socials and share this post with as many people as you can.


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