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A feature we’ve tried out for a couple of months and it’s safe to say the response has been awesome. Not only have artists been sending us their music to be featured but a lot of people from different parts of the world have taken the time to appreciate the music and have found new sounds for their playlists.

This feature has certainly helped us keep up with some of our favourite artists and their latest releases.

#PlugYourself is for someone who’s more likely to #PressPlay on a music video on the TL (Timeline) without really knowing who the artist is, someone who trusts the “recommended for you” feature on music platforms, someone who loves discovering new music on a weekly basis, someone who loves discovering new artists outside of their country, someone who doesn’t mind having their playlist on shuffle, someone who knows how to calmly tell the “playlist doubter” to just shut the f**k up and enjoy the music.

Are you that someone? Have you been waiting for us to come along and plug you to the sounds that you may have missed? We’re answering your call.

Plug in, relax and enjoy the music.

The Drinkwater Brothers

The Drinkwater Brother – Smiling And Weeping

They’re twins. They make music, videos, music videos, and lots more! The Drinkwater Brothers! Now, go back, read that again while imagining you’re the host of a primetime TV show, and you have your audience (mostly dominated by ladies) shouting in excitement.

Before the pandemic, the folk pop duo from Long Island (New York) had last released a full length project (Do Not Feed The Birds) in 2019. Fair enough they did give us a few singles in 2020 (five to be exact) and that was in the first half of the year but allow us to to vent a bit, please! We just wanted more from the brothers, of course we enjoy the covers (highly recommended) we just needed more music to drink our coffee to and you know what?! They heard our cries.

The Drinkwater Brothers finally released a six track project in May of 2021 and it’s everything you need on a sunny, cloudy, or rainy day while standing on your balcony with a cup of coffee. If you can travel, we’d suggest you plug your local cafe or coffee shop, their guest will highly appreciate it.

Namakau Star

Namakau Star – Trance

Namakau Star: the ability to fuse music with spoken word and visuals. Update your dictionary ASAP!

This is something we hope you’ll truly appreciate from the talented Cape Town based (South Africa) alternative RnB and Hip-hop artist. She describes her approach to music as “genre bending finding feminine and masculine fluidity in the Hip-hop and RnB space”. Honestly, you will have to listen to the music to fully understand that.

She’s been teasing us with a drop of a new EP for a while now, we just think she was waiting for you to join her fan base and not miss out on a journey to self discovery.

Her first single for the year, Trance, beautifully introduces a fusion of electronic trap, Hip Hop, RnB and the early 2000s neo-soul typa delivery. An unconventional way of narrating the “magic behind leaning into your inner truth and power and in this space you can experience solace, freedom and euphoria.”

Namakau Star – Floating

“This is the journey of the ordinary girl who unravels unto herself to become who she truly is.” Here, you’re allowed to let loose and experience music for what it is, while you “Float” away in a “Trance” state.


Sakura – Don’t Overthink It

“The beautiful Atlanta born, Nicole Sakura Watson is one of the artists we believe you should already have on your radar. We first got to hear her work about 3 years ago with the song Blue and she certainly got us hooked when we heard Saysum on the channel ‘Crystal Sound Frequencies.’”

This is taken from one of our previous posts from a year ago (A Whole Movement. Part Two) and nothing has changed since then. We still follow Sakura and we honestly felt like proud parents sitting in the front row when she finally released her debut seven track EP (Don’t Overthink It).

The title alone should have you at ease, which gives you an opportunity to experience the artists, her craft and to witness her growth as she finds her self musically.

Just knowing that it’s her vocals, pen, paper and guitar gives the EP an extra special something. It’s got the bedroom vibe, where you can sing along to the lyrics and you don’t have to step out of the house to do that.

“These songs are made with so much love. Written, produced, mixed, performed by me. It’s truly a dream to be able to share something so speciallll. I’ve poured every ounce of my heart into putting this project together, challenged myself in ways I never thought I could. Faced my fears, faced myself, and got out of my own way. I overthink things a lot. So this is my note to self.”


Ilaye – Sixth Sense

Nigerian indie-alternative singer/songwriter Ilaye is certainly carving her own path in the music industry. Having written her first song when she was eight years old, she’s managed to release two EPs, Pneuma and Sixth Sense. It’s her ability to fuse different elements in her music that makes her sound worth listening to.

With an amazing pen game she has managed to incorporate RnB, Afro-pop, Hip Hop and reggae. While managing to touch on real life topics such as self awareness, mental health and confidence it’s so easy to relate to her music, and appreciate the growth in her music with the projects being 2 years apart.


JBABE – Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instruments Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit

One of the most talented acts you’ll ever come by and it’s just amazing to watch him do his thing.

The Chennai based (India) vocalist and guitarist effortlessly experiments with lo-fi, indie-pop mixed with rhythm and blues. It still feels like we’re boxing him when we say that, so it’s best you give him a listen and let us know what you think. From Romance to punching his third eye and this is all accompanied by catchy track titles. You don’t have to see JBABE to understand that everything about him is just destined for stardom and big arenas.

His seven track project which he released in 2019 beautifully takes you on a romantic guide on how to “weather a cosmic romance” and this was all written over a span of two years in what he calls “the bedroom of the melancholy king”.

JBABE – Punch Me In My Third Eye

“The power of the universe successfully harnessed and channelled into the four walls of my living room manifesting this sound bath of DIY excellence that no amount of sage can make go away. My undivided love to the people that worked countless sleepless nights and brought this project to life.”

Hashtag it #PLUGYOURSELF and let us know what you think of the music and most importantly, support the artists. Buy their merch, stream their music, share their music and follow them on the socials.

Feel free to also share this post as many times as you like, like it, subscribe to the blog, PLUG us to some of your favourite artists , check our socials for more and look out for our next post.


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