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Fresh ‘n Unsigned

Fresh: “New/Different”
Unsigned: “Independent”
Portal: “A door, gate, or other entrance especially a large and imposing one”.

The three words we use to describe the amount of time we put into finding artists, artists worth including not just on our playlist but on yours as well.

We aren’t even bound by genres or borders, and if we’re being honest, versatility makes the playlist even better (trust us, we do this all the time).

There is a glut of new music being posted on streaming sites everyday, so you might just miss a dope artist that deserves your attention. Fresh n Unsigned has taken the liberty of being your Musical Guardian Angel by bringing you some of these artists’ older work to see/hear their growth.

What We Do!?
  • Portal to new music.
  • Introduction to new artists.
  • Keeping you in touch.
  • Upgrading your playlist
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