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Jazzuary According To Kate Hamann

Wrapping up Jazzuary for the year 2022 and best believe we’ll be back bigger and better in 2023. It’s truly been one hack of a ride, the music has been received very well and we honestly can’t wait to share more tunes with you. To wrap it up in style we had a quick interviewContinue reading “Jazzuary According To Kate Hamann”

BandCamp Friday

IT’S BAAAAAAAACK! On the first Friday of every month since March of 2020, Bandcamp has waived their revenue share to help support the many artists who have seen their livelihoods disrupted by the pandemic. “Over the course of these 13 days, fans paid artists and labels $56 million dollars, helping cover rents, mortgages, groceries, medications, and muchContinue reading “BandCamp Friday”


A feature we’ve tried out for a couple of months and it’s safe to say the response has been awesome. Not only have artists been sending us their music to be featured but a lot of people from different parts of the world have taken the time to appreciate the music and have found newContinue reading “#PLUGYOURSELF”

The Sound For The Month Of Love & Date Nights In The Future

We literally could’ve posted this on the 14th of February, just to get your playlist sorted for one of the most important days in the calender (More especially if you’re dating) but we also realized things aren’t the same right?! In most parts of the world this was literally the first Vday under lockdown, socialContinue reading “The Sound For The Month Of Love & Date Nights In The Future”

One Song, Sometimes that’s all it takes… (or Sometimes all it takes is one song?)

To truely experience the beauty of music, you have to explore different sounds and try to get out of your normal routine. We know it’s hard to break cycles, sometimes you just want to play the songs or artists you’re used to and not have to stress about a random song messing with your mood.Continue reading “One Song, Sometimes that’s all it takes… (or Sometimes all it takes is one song?)”

A Producer who DJs or vice versa?!

The good old question that very few get to answer because they’ve fallen in love with the whole craft of not only producing the song but also playing the music live on the ones and twos. It some how does make sense to be the one playing the music if you produced it right?! Yes?Continue reading “A Producer who DJs or vice versa?!”

A Whole Movement. Part Two

In our previous post ( we explained what we call ‘Butterfly Music’ and introduced you to three awesomely talented female artists who’ve been able to capture us with their sound. We hope you’ve taken the time to listen to the music and get to know the artists better through their music. In Part Two we’dContinue reading “A Whole Movement. Part Two”

A Whole Movement. Part One

Listen to the kids, bro. Kanye West We’re proud to say we’ve been listening to the kids. Thanks to YouTube channel’s such as Nostalgic and Crystal Sounds Frequencies. These channels introduced to us to a new wave and new sounds that are steadily growing across the world. Yeah, some will say it’s neo soul orContinue reading “A Whole Movement. Part One”

Decency; Aux Cable Worthy.

This boy who found himself fascinated, very much so, by the ability to make sounds. I now find myself showing respect to these sounds by engaging in the art of making music. Decency RSA Once upon a time in the early 2000s South Africa was hit by the township acapella wave. I mean, Ladysmith BlackContinue reading “Decency; Aux Cable Worthy.”