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A feature we’ve tried out for a couple of months and it’s safe to say the response has been awesome. Not only have artists been sending us their music to be featured but a lot of people from different parts of the world have taken the time to appreciate the music and have found newContinue reading “#PLUGYOURSELF”

The Sound For The Month Of Love & Date Nights In The Future

We literally could’ve posted this on the 14th of February, just to get your playlist sorted for one of the most important days in the calender (More especially if you’re dating) but we also realized things aren’t the same right?! In most parts of the world this was literally the first Vday under lockdown, socialContinue reading “The Sound For The Month Of Love & Date Nights In The Future”

Something For The “Playlisters”

Music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Joox, Soundcloud and many others have made it easy to create a playlist and share it with the masses. You should already know creating a playlist is no childs play, you literally have to create a mood, make sure it doesn’t get stale, try not have songs from the sameContinue reading “Something For The “Playlisters””

Three Gems For The Weekend (Hip-hop Edition)

It’s a new month 😍 we hope you’re safe and eating your veggies. It’s been a challenging year for most, we here to tell you to keep pushing and hopefully end the year on a high note 🎼. You should already know our struggle of locating one of South Africa’s Hip-Hop contributors and if you’reContinue reading “Three Gems For The Weekend (Hip-hop Edition)”