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Artist Of The Week

Madeleine Cocolas

Australian composer and producer Madeleine Cocolas is this week’s artist of the week. Her work alternates between sumptuous soundscapes, experimental electronics, field recordings, and solo piano. She mostly composes post-classical and ambient instrumental music.

Madeleine Cocolas – Spectral

Madeleine, who earned her master’s degree in music composition from Queensland University of Technology in Australia, has also worked as a music supervisor, finding and obtaining music for a number of award-winning Australian television programs, including the internationally nominated programs “Please Like Me” and “Dance Academy.”

Madeleine Cocolas – Ithaca

With a continuously expanding discography (four albums and six EPs), Madeleine has also been able to work with other artists. These include curator Yassana Croizat-Glazer (OFF CANVAS, 2021/2020, New York), choreographer Valeria Gonzalez (“SOS”, 2017 & 2018, New York), and film makers Tanya Modini and Luisa Martiri (The Moths Will Eat Them Up, 2021, Winner of Best Short Film at the Sydney Film Festival.


Too Hot To Keep!

Sasha Berliner

New York-based musician / composer, Sasha Berliner presents her vigorous, unabashedly avant-garde sophomore recording, Onyx.  Produced by Berliner alongside Steven Mandel and GRAMMY® winning audio engineer Ben Kane, Onyx is an embrace of idiosyncrasy, designating analog manipulation at the axis of a modern and uncommon improvisational magnum opus.

An all-star cast joins her on this daring enterprise: Marcus Gilmore on drums, Burniss Travis II on upright and electric bass and James Francies on piano and Fender Rhodes. Special guests include Jaleel Shaw on alto saxophone, Julius Rodriguez on analog synths and vocalist Thana Alexa.


Song Of The Day


Our song of the day is by Brazilian formed band, Animizmo titled “Escarcéu Azul”.

Escarcéu Azul” (Blue Uproar in Portuguese) is the first single to mark the start of Animizmo’s new post-pandemic period. The band enhances jazz/fusion influences while also adding new heavier dynamics to the sound in this new era. As the band’s debut song with Pedro Camargo on bass, it also marks the beginning of the new lineup.


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The latest releases from The Freshest n Unsigned Artists.

• Finn Foxell – Leaders
• Lil Nunni – Bad Man
• After Elmer – Skyline
• Ivy Ash – You, Not Me
• The Moss – Insomnia
• Blue Will – Not Love?!
• Gordon Glamzy – Sip Sip


Updated weekly for your enjoyment.

Dina Summer

Highly Recommended: “Rimini” a collaborative band project between Kalipo and DJ couple Local Suicide. The eight-track debut LP presents a distinctive synthesis of their interests, drawing from new wave, downbeat, 80s disco, and 90s electro for a playful, nostalgic, and moody throwback vibe.

The Berlin-based project is fronted by Dina P, who lends her vocals and thought-provoking lyricism to the act.

Synth pop, new wave, and disco elements are all incorporated into “Rimini” to create lively, cheerful, and flexible compositions that may be listened to on the dance floor or when lounging by the beach.


A Mix Specially Blended For You

Natasha Wax & Sony Vibe

Party aficionados, DJs, and producers Natasha Wax & Sony Vibe released a hard Melodic Techno & Tech House mix to help you get into the mood of the evening in honor of their record label’s birthday, “16om.”

“Party was great! We had much fun! You can involve in atmosphere of those night with the video. Enjoy your listening!”




East London-based (South Africa) DJ | producer, DJ Lee SA serves a Gqom mix to get you dancing featuring sounds from Gino Uzokdlalela, Cairo Cpt, Julian Vincent & lots more.


Press Play

Your Portal To The Freshest And Unsigned.

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Kahlil Gibran

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