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The latest releases from the Freshest n Unsigned artists.

Updated weekly for your enjoyment!

• Kwaku Asante – Rhodes

Rising singer/songwriter Kwaku Asante released the video for his first single of the year ‘Rhodes’, a vulnerable love story produced by HYLNU. Directed by Kwaku and Dean Dumare, the video beautifully captures the singer and his love interest as they explore London.

‘Rhodes’ follows Kwaku as he comes to terms with the reality of realising you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Referring to the iconic Rhodes Jazz piano, every note he writes leads back to the one he let slip away as he uncovers the highs and lows of love and heartbreak. The gentle production perfectly fuses with Kwaku’s warm vocals revealing his ability to be unapologetically himself despite the risk of rejection.

Shot by Dean Dumare, the artwork introduces the theme of nostalgia and pairs Kwaku’s desire to hold on to his youthful freedom with his contrasting all-black attire.


• Cassie Marin – Lil 5i5

Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie Marin has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. Her album, Lil 5i5, is a dynamic 19-track album that shows off her ever-evolving musicality. Pairing the rhythms of dance music with emotive melodies and meaningful lyricism, Lil 5i5 sees Cassie at her strongest and most vulnerable yet.


• SHIRAN – Fadaytak

S H I R A N returns with her most definitive album to date. ‘Fadaytak’ is a thunderstorm of beautiful Yemini songcraft, Arabic pop and bass heavy hip hop, afrobeats, 808s and electro.

On ‘Fadaytak’, S H I R A N and production partner Ron Bakal return to what they do best and take it to the next level, marrying beautiful Middle Eastern melodies, strings and instrumentation to the heaviest club friendly beats, all with the greatest attention to detail. “Electro Hafla” they like to call it, referring to the large “hafla” get-togethers full of music and dancing, common at family gatherings and religious ceremonies.


• Isatta Sheriff – Window Thoughts

East London rapper Isatta Sheriff released her new single, ‘Window Thoughts’, the second single from her forthcoming EP, ‘Eat The Kiwi Skin’. The project sees Isatta reunite with Italian musician, beat maker, and friend Koralle (real name Lorenzo Nada) with whom she previously collaborated with on their acclaimed song, ‘Laid Back’.

‘Window Thoughts’ is a family affair that sees Isatta recruit poetic North London rapper Lex Amor to assist in the storytelling. Through the medium of music, we witness a vulnerable conversation between friends reflecting on their journey so far with some words of encouragement from Lex who says ‘day by day good sis’ in response to Isatta’s bars. Koralle’s soulful and Jazz-tinged production provides the perfect backdrop for their honesty and wordplay to unfold, speaking on the single

Isatta said: “While listening to the melodies I began to imagine myself staring into space at my kitchen window, and reflecting on various elements of my musical journey. I ended up purposefully going down to that window and allowing those thoughts to materialise, so that they would flow into lyrics and eventually become Window Thoughts.”


• Days to Waste – When the Summer Ends

Portland based artist, Days to Waste, released his emo inspired single “when the summer ends” that perfectly depicts this internal tension. Setting the scene with his nuanced lyricism, revolving around a past relationship littered memories, Days to Waste proves his ability to create engaging acoustic moments, only for him to break it all with an explosive ending, highlighting his iconic and endless vocals.


• Chloe Bodur – Kitty & I

Sri-Lanken-Turkish singer, songwriter and producer Chloe Bodur released her new single ‘Kitty & I’, which sheds light on divine femininity.

For this single Chloe was heavily influenced by Beyoncé’s 09 single ‘Kitty Kit’ and is owning her right to sing freely and openly about female intimacy and sexuality, bringing it into her own world stating, “I wrote it almost as a manifesto for men, teaching them how to treat their girl right if they want regular access to kitty & I.”

Chloe’s eclectic musical taste has helped create her own sonic blending R&B, Jazz and Bossanova with her hypnotic vocals – she calls it R&Bossanova.


• Goldie Vargas – Golden (EP)

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Goldie Vargas released her debut EP, ‘GOLDEN.’ The 5-track EP includes past singles like “Moving in Reverse,” “Canyon” and “Strawberry Kisses,” as well as two brand new tracks, “Gravity” and “Mary Jane.”

At just 21 years old, Goldie Vargas exudes a musicality wise beyond her years. Her music is the definition of California cool with breezy soundscapes, intimate lyricism, and dreamy melodies. Working with her producer Adam Gurr in Topanga Canyon, Goldie has spent the last two years crafting her debut EP, ‘GOLDEN.’

Goldie elaborates on her new EP: “‘GOLDEN’ was written during a time in my life where there was so much change happening — a worldwide pandemic had just started, I was at the end of my teen years and I was going through everything from breakups, mental health struggles and finding myself as a woman and not a girl. My first EP feels like a short story on what it’s like being young, sad and still trying to find a hope in this world.”


Plug in, relax and enjoy the music.


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