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The Sound For The Month Of Love & Date Nights In The Future

We literally could’ve posted this on the 14th of February, just to get your playlist sorted for one of the most important days in the calender (More especially if you’re dating) but we also realized things aren’t the same right?! In most parts of the world this was literally the first Vday under lockdown, social distancing, quarantine, santizer, mask and and and…

We ought to do things differently in 2021 (The new normal) and now that we’ve somewhat figured how to navigate around the current situation we can start planning for date nights and Valentine’s day 2022.

Music sure as hell doesn’t age and the worst thing you could do is not have the right song for the right moment, especially when you’re trying to serenade your person. We’ll leave the cooking, decorating, baking, planning and finding the perfect venue to you but there’s one thing you can scratch off your list; The Music.

Get your headphones/speakers ready and let’s help you plan your perfect date night.

Gazelle & The Bear (AUT)

Initially, the plan was to bring you a couple of songs to add to your playlist but after listening to “Weird Shaped Clouds” by Gazelle & The Bear you’ll get why we decided to bring you the whole album. There’s just a beautiful flow to the album delivered by Austrian duo Julian Berann (Drummer) and Ines Kolleritsch (Vocalist & Pianist). You’ll thoroughly enjoy their journey in discovering new musical paths through their passion of composing together and there’s no better way of doing it than with a loved one at a dinner table.

Image from:

The 14 track album is a combination of modern jazz, hip hop and R’n’B which can be picked up throughout the album with the only feature from Stimulus.

Gazelle And The Bear – Weird Shaped Clouds

Nessa (NGA)

Now based in Canada, Nigerian singer-songwriter Nessa released her debut six track EP Bitter-Sweet, it’s gone somewhat unnoticed which always sucks if the project sounds good. It’s always a good idea to plug your partner to good music especially now that we have to find more creative ways to keep the spark burning.

Image from:

There’s room for growth but this is a good start with tracks like Subway, On Fire and Safe you’ll get to hear why you should definitely have her on your playlist for your date night.

We look forward to hearing more of her music in the future and hopefully she experiments with the African sound especially that of Nigeria.

Nessa – Bitter-Sweet

Neon Bunny

We first got introduced to Neon Bunny through her 2016 album Stay Gold and we’ve basically taken just about every opportunity to get more people to listen to her music. Once you listen to her music you’ll get why the South Korean singer-songwriter/producer is a favourite.

Image From:

Kosmos is the album we wanna tell you about, if you ever wanted to create a nostalgic themed date night over looking the Samsung headquarters or Soaking up the Sun on Haeundae Beach. The nine track album should definitely set up the perfect mood with influences of Pop, Electro, K-Pop and Synthpop to have you dancing indoors.

Neon Bunny – Kosmos

Date night sorted and Valentine’s day 2022 here you come. We promise to check in once in a while and hopefully update you with more music for your special dates. For now hit us on your favourite social plaform, share, share, share, press the like button, add the music to your playlist, keep safe, sanitize and stay home if you can.


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